Get paid at least $250,000/yr for your wasted natural gas with no interconnect.

The Stranded Energy Problem

In the US alone, we flare over 1,480,000,000 CF of potential revenue every day. Even producers located near midstream infrastructure are lucky to netback a modest portion of Henry Hub prices after midstream losses. This presents a unique opportunity.

The Coinergy Solution

Coinergy builds and manages off-grid mobile data centers housed in shipping containers and powered by gensets running on otherwise-wasted flare gas.

Our liquid-cooled systems outperform air-cooled solutions by offering superior dust and heat protection for computers even in the harshest conditions and the most remote well sites.

We only use purpose-built natural gas gensets with on-board scrubbers which ensure industry-leading uptime, with 24/7 remote monitoring and on-demand service available to most plays within 2 hours.

  • Monetize Wasted Energy
  • Reduce GHG Emissions
  • Mobile, Liquid-Cooled Systems
  • 24/7 Remote Monitoring
  • TX, OK, NM, CO, WY & ND
  • Get Paid in USD or BTC


From increasingly stringent flare regulation at the state level, to sustainability requirements of the largest financiers of oil and gas (e.g. Blackrock), it’s clear that the global focus on ESG isn’t fading. Wells with no flare capture solution take on future risk of fines and capital restrictions.

Coinergy’s natural gas gensets are JJJJ EPA certified and provide a robust flare mitigation solution which requires no additional capital outlay. Whether it’s new exploration or an existing well, Coinergy is uniquely positioned to create a win-win for all parties involved.

Do Your Wells Qualify?

We are accepting applications for offtake agreements, specifically targeting high-uptime wells that conform to these requirements:

  • 800+ Mcf/d production
  • 750 to 2500 BTU/SCF field gas
  • 50 to 100 methane number range
  • .6 to 250 PSIG supply pressure range
  • <10 ppm H2S content
  • Located in TX, OK, NM, CO, WY, or ND

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